Friday, July 19, 2013

FBI Investigation Raises Another Question

Seems as though the FBI's Milwaukee boss has already been transferred outta here.

There's a criminal investigation of her activity going on.

Here's a very interesting bit of the story:

...Carlson is under potential criminal investigation by the Office of Inspector General after she told agent Mark Crider in April that it would be in his best interest "to come down on the side of the government in this matter," according to court records in the case....

Hmmmm.  Not only is a member of a protected class agitating for discrimination against a member of ANOTHER protected class (snark-worthy in itself), but it also seems as though she has a serious misunderstanding of ethical conduct.

That gives rise to another question:  has her "come down on the side of the government" problem influenced other investigations?  Or those of other subordinates in the FBI?  IOW, is this another case of an LEO with a "convict 'em at any cost" mindset?

Just sayin'.....

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