Sunday, July 21, 2013

"....In All the Wrong Places/ Looking for..."

They're not looking for love.  They're looking for a fight.

You know that Holder has a team of "specialists" within DOJ which 'seeks to preserve order' when there are threats to that order.  And you know that that team was heavily involved in the Trayvon Martin protests in Florida.  The team organized and facilitated the protests--thanks to you taxpayers!

The Usual Suspects:  CPUSA, SPLC, and Black Panthers were involved in the protests.

Guess what else was spotted?

They carry and wear emblems associated with Socialist Groups and have connections to other Marxists protests in recent past. Some of them wore shirts that said ” Wisconsin Solidarity” and “Michigan Solidarity”. These refer to the pro union protests in those two states when they passed laws to become right to work states.

Well-traveled bunch, eh?

HT:  Badger Pundit


Anonymous said...

"The team organized and facilitated the protests--thanks to you taxpayers!"

Unsurprisingly, this is a misleading characterization of their participation.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how well professional protesters are paid. I don't know any and don't know anybody who knows anybody on that particular career track. That job come with any benefits? Any per diem involved with all that travel? Seems to be a burgeoning field of employment what with so many folks developing such delicate sensibilities these days.