Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Bill of Indictment Against Obozo

Nicely laid-out articulation of what is a Constitutional crisis

...The employer mandate in the Affordable Care Act contains no provision allowing the president to suspend, delay or repeal it.

... In June of last year, for example, the administration stopped initiating deportation proceedings against some 800,000 illegal immigrants...

... Earlier in 2012, the president effectively replaced congressional requirements governing state compliance under the No Child Left Behind Act with new ones crafted by his administration....

And there's the infamous non-defense of DOMA, a lesser offense only of degree.

The essay also supplies pertinent SCOTUS decisions, including one slapping Bill Clinton for *saving* money (gasp...)

Seems to me that some Congressman should institute a lawsuit over the ObozoCare violation.  But that would take balls.

Oh, well.

HT: Althouse


Anonymous said...

Althouse strikes out yet again.

Anonymous said...

Adams had the Alien and Sedition laws.

Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase, without the funds being appropriated by Congress.

Madison started a war he could have avoided.

Lincoln was criticized for his "unconstitutional" grabbing of power.

Reagan sold arms to Iran and sent the money to the Contras.

And now Obama. But there may be no remedy, because the Democratic majority in the Senate will likely block any legislation passed by the Republican House, and judges can reject lawsuits on the grounds that no particular person is harmed by the one-year tax-holiday.

Only people who have been directly harmed by a government action have “standing” to sue the government.

Given the history of the presidency, delaying part of a law for one year--legislation that conservatives despise--hardly ranks Obama as a dictator.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:07 Good history lesson. So, given that Obama unilaterally suspended the employer mandate in his signature legislation for one year, what does that say about Obamacare?

Extra credit: What do all the exemptions say about his one accomplishment?

Dad29 said...

Except that Anony 9's examples are not directly comparable, and I did not call Obozo a "dictator."


Obozo has pulled SEVERAL moves in his 1.5 terms--not just one.

Does Anony want to address something other than ObozoFailureCare?

Anonymous said...

How bout taking down bin laden? Or ending the Bush Depression? Or deporting more illegals than Bush and Clinton combined? Or giving Wall Street a pass? Or...

Anonymous said...

Anony 9:14 let me finish it for you

pass? Or letting an American soldier rot in the hands of a terrorist organization for over 4 years? How about that accomplishment? Come on, he is the great levitator in chief. Walks on water and all that crap. Sgt Bergdahl has been held captive since June of 09. No way you can blame it on Bush is there? Your commander in chief broke the only promise we make to our soldiers....

No One Gets Left Behind

Anonymous said...
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