Saturday, July 27, 2013

Krauthammer Goes All War-Party

Krauthammer is either whistling through the cemetery by pretending that 'the majority' of Republicans are "interventionist," or he's exposing the difference between Republicans and Actual Conservatives.

Either way, K-hammer opened his mouth and reminded us that he's a member of the War Party, just like Billyboy Kristol, John McCain, and a few other fossils-with-megaphones in DC.

As a reminded to Chuckie, "interventionism" is a social disease usually pimped by the military/industrial complex.  Eisenhower warned us about that pimp and its consequences. And Ike was no "isolationist."


Saint Revolution said...

interventionism = freemason war profiteering

Plain and simple.

Chris Christie just like Paul Lyan...political RINO surrogate frauds backed by RINO reporters such the likes of Kraut.

Would LOVE to hear what Buchanan says to his wife at the dinner table behind closed doors RE: if I don't already know.

Two words: citizen government.

End politics, politicians. Citizen representatives via lottery system pick with severe term limits (1 to 2 years).

Dual party sitting Presidential seat (two Presidents...must be from different parties).

End electoral college.

Tear down and rebuild Supreme Court.

...and all other common sense TAKE BACK AMERICA ...isms:
end the fed,
end LieRS,
end illegal never-ratified income tax,
end police paramilitarization, police criminality, police overreach,
end DHS, TSA, and an unholy host of other tyrannical government departments,
end Patriot Act,
end NDAA,
repeal, defund, end OFailureCare,
specifically prosecute Barry Soetoro for traitorous treason and crimes against the state and humanity,
end illegal warring,
etc., etc., etc.

...and, I cannot stress this enough, end the false stay-out-of-jail-free card excuse, "...we must keep moving forward...", that allows treasonous traitorous politicians free passes on horrific behavior and decisions, i.e., prosecutions for treason for all politicians, living presidents, judges, Supreme Court justices, corporatocracy, Wall Street, et al.

What a sewer American government and politics is...

Tell Daniel Boone that his USA...

Grim said...

As Vizzini said, starting wars is a prestigious line of work, with a long and glorious tradition.

Anonymous said...

Hey, St. Revolution, your words are impotent. "Take Back America" is a mere catch-phrase. What are you going to do about it?