Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Corn-A-Holers Love to Lie, and to Blame YOU

The Corn-A-Hole crowd knows how to lie.  They're also good at blaming YOU for problems that they cause.

They just *forget* a couple of facts.  Of course, the JS "reporters" don't include them, either.

...Raising the amount of the biofuel in gasoline could reduce the nation's dependence on foreign oil, lower fuel prices, and aid the environment because the ethanol blend burns cleaner, ethanol advocates say...

That will also raise the price of corn--therefore, of beef, pork, and chicken--which will increase hunger in the Third World and have a negative impact on your budget.  Unless you don't eat much of anything.

As for Blame-Spreading:

Don't blame ethanol for water in gasoline, says Kristy Moore, vice president of technical services for the Renewable Fuels Association.

Most of the problems stem from careless handling of fuel, such as leaving the cap off a gasoline can and failing to use a fuel stabilizer when outdoor power equipment is put in storage for months, according to Moore.

"We call these 'housekeeping issues,'" she said. "If someone doesn't take care of equipment to keep water out of the fuel, they're going to have a hard time starting that engine."

This snippy little bitch deserves .....ahhh........wellllll.........

Ethanol IS a water-magnet.  There's no question about it.  Her contention that the owners of outdoor power equipment (boats, mowers, chainsaws, generators, snowblowers, trimmers, leaf-blowers) are just ignorant slobs is ......umnnnhhh....cheeky, to be kind.

Gasoline usage for O.P.E. is unpredictable.  Mowers don't get used during dry spells; snowblowers don't get used in dry winters.  But precipitation is unpredictable (unlike bitchiness in females), so one buys X gallons of fuel with the hope that it will all get used.  It's only a hope; rarely a reality. 

I'm certain that Ms. Moore and her paymasters will not buy back all the unused Corn-A-Hole at the end of a given season, right?  Should we dump it on their doorsteps instead?

Here's another wonderful little line of s*&^:

The small-engine industry has lagged behind automakers in keeping up with changing fuel standards, according to Moore.

First off, the automakers' R&D/Engine Engineering budgets are approximately the same as Briggs' entire annual sales volume.  Secondly, there IS no "leftover" gasoline in (most) automobiles, because they are in continuous use.

Ugly little fact, no?  Gee!  It's un-mentioned!!!

Corn liquor in internal combustion engines is a cancer, both for the engines and for the consumers.

However, it's a cancer that can be cured with an election or two.


Anonymous said...

"This snippy little bitch deserves...ahhh...wellllll..."
"...unlike bitchiness in females"

So how does your use of foul language toward women coincide with your (alleged) Christian values?

Perhaps the ideas expressed by Vox Day is indeed rubbing off on you.

J. Strupp said...

Real chivalorous language there, Daddster.

jimspice said...

"This snippy little bitch deserves .....ahhh........wellllll......."

No, no. Please complete the thought. Is it the classic "callback," referencing the earlier "Corn-A-Holing?"


Dad29 said...

You may deduce at will, Gridley.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jimmy...sort of like when I popped Claudia's cherry.

Anonymous said...

And the deranged anony stalker at 5:24 a.m. strikes again. Go to church much?

Anonymous said...

Dad and the Taliban share a similar view of da womenfolk. Hood 'em and keep 'em barefoot and preggers. Catholics and Muslims have an awful lot in common!