Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ryan's Wrong If Shilling's Right

In the post below, we highlighted Gary Shilling's analysis of the economy.  In brief, Shilling said that there is not enough growth to absorb the available labor force.

That analysis is not consonant with Paul Ryan's ....ahhh.....*shilling* for "immigration reform."

...Before long, Ryan is chattering about immigration reform, ticking off talking points as he half-jogs down the hall. He mentions the economy 19 times in the next 15 minutes.

The United States needs more labor to grow faster, he says,...

It cannot be both.  Either Shilling is correct, that growth is too anemic to absorb the available labor, OR Ryan is correct, that growth comes from more available labor.

Back when Les Aspin was teaching Econ 101, there was no such thing as a "labor push" effecting an increase in demand and thus, economic growth.  Maybe Ryan has a new theory.

Or maybe he's just wrong.

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