Sunday, July 21, 2013

Paul Ryan Cannot Defeat Econ 101. Neither Can Rubio.

It's a mid-length essay which begins with the eminently sensible Sowell, counters with the 'economistic' (all-for-economy-and-profits-to-hell-with-the-rest) Cato line, and ends with a brilliant takedown of the Cato bunch, and Ryan, and Rubio.

(Note well:  while Sowell calls out the agriculture industry, the IT boyzzz (Microsoft, Google, and Silicon Valley in general), along with the Industrialist Gang are just as guilty of the sophistry and deception as is Cato.)

Ryan should be paying attention to Sowell instead of pandering to interests which, frankly, are not consonant with the interests of the US as a whole--that is, if Ryan would rather be a statesman than a politician.  Rubio has already picked his label.

Here's a portion of the anonymous argument which is the final blow to the Cato/economistic bunch:

...But note further: they simply assume that the default constraints on economic agents in America do not, or should not, include population based on our collective democratically determined policies regarding the population levels and demographics we want. If marginal low value economic interests can expand only by first ignoring that constraint by intentional and flagrant violations of the law implementing the democratically enacted policies and now want new legislation to repeal the policies leading to the constraint, in the interest of nothing but more GDP in aggregate, so be it. It’s economism on steroids.

And there is no principled stopping point. The labor supply globally in excess of American labor willing to do the cucumber picking at the ever expanding margin at the lowest possible wages is for all practical purposes unlimited; so they want, and openly argue for, completely unlimited immigration. How could they not? Once any limit becomes binding the argument compels them to want to eliminate it!...

And lest Cong. Ryan play the "Catholic" card and yammer about 'social justice,' there is no Catholic teaching or doctrine which demands that a state impoverish its own people--whether through taxes, increased debt, or otherwise--for the benefit of non-citizens of that state.  None.  Zero.  Zip.  If Ryan would like to argue otherwise, let him cite the specific teaching.

He can't.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice the change in tenor?

Anonymous said...

The Republicans have wisely taken their deliberations behind closed doors for the time being. No point in the fools playing russian roulette out in the open.

Anonymous said...

Once the GOP finishes its internal debate perhaps they'll come to the table with some practical ideas.