Thursday, April 04, 2013

The USCC: Lacking Anything to Do

Evidently the USCC doesn't have anything important to do.

The injustice of taking innocent life lies at the heart of the church’s pro-life position. There is no question about the innocence of pre-born children. And Americans are becoming more and more uneasy as we learn of people on death row eventually found innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted. And surely, after the gunning down of primary grade children in Newtown, Connecticut, it is clear assault weapons stand out dramatically as a threat to innocent life.

The U.S. bishops now call on people to support federal legislation to require background checks for all gun purchases, to limit civilian access to high-capacity weapons and ammunition magazines and to make gun trafficking a federal crime. The bishops also want a ban on assault weapons.
A pro-life stance is a noble one. Sadly it must confront the ignoble reality of abortion, the death penalty, and another threat to peace and human life, the preponderance of assault weapons
.  --quoted at CMR

(The usual morons will shortly hit my combox with priest-perpetrator snark, which is not entirely unjustified.)

As CMR observes, this bunch equates 2A rights with abortion, easily one of the most moronic comparos in recent USCC history. 

Let's instead talk about wasting resources on bureaucracies, Bishops.  At least there is a cogent argument to be made on that issue.


Unknown said...

As a born-and-raised Catholic, it grieves me greatly to admit this; but it is a simple fact that the Catholic Church is always on the side of kings, dictators, and tyrants of every kind. Always.
One of the major reasons that Latin America is such a craphole is because of the Catholic Church. Every tinpot Caudillo and President-for-Life can count on the unswerving and enthusiastic support of the Roman Catholic Church.
Adolph Hitler was born and raised Catholic (although he turned against the Church later on). Mussolini was Catholic, Franco was Catholic, the president of the Nazi puppet Slovak State in WW II was a Catholic priest.
The sad fact is that the institution is statist and fascist to the core, and always has been.

Dad29 said...

Didn't learn much while you were "Catholic," eh, Freddy?

Just like you, Pelosi was 'born and raised Catholic.' You're alike in other ways, too!

Unknown said...

Maybe I'm dense (wouldn't be the first time). I just don't understand your reply.

toko baju muslim said...
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