Monday, April 29, 2013

Illegals, ID Theft, and The Stupids

Kudos to Fox6 News for running a story that mentions the horrific damage that illegals do.  Paul Ryan won't like this--nor will Marco Rubio.  Tough s**t.
And we can't forget The Stupids:  our Gummint's very own IRS!!

Home loans denied. Their credit trashed.  And a Wisconsin couple had no idea why it was all happening. But the Federal Government did....

...After Suarez was released from prison, the Guenterberg’s lost track of him.  But the FOX6 Investigators tracked him down in Maywood, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago....

“You used his social security number to buy cars and houses and get jobs and he has been dealing with this for years,” said FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn.

“No, no that`s not true,” said Cornelio Suarez.  “I used them for work. Just to, like, bring food to my family.”
Suarez claims he only used Robert Guenterberg’s social security number …not his name.

“I use my name, I no use his name and everything.  I was paying my bills.  I pay my bills and not like regular people like do. I do not do bad things to nobody,” Suarez said.

In other words, Suarez doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

Suarez is lying like a rug, of course.  But hey!

Illegals are good for the economy!  So says Paul Ryan and all the other Brilliant Ones in DC.

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