Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tax "The Rich"? Congrats! YOU Are "The Rich!!"

Another steaming pile from the pen of Obozo.

President Obama’s long-delayed budget proposal cops to $580 billion in new taxes over the next ten years, which he naturally portrays as tax increases on the rich.  But in truth, a review conducted by the McClatchy news service found the actual value of Obama’s tax hikes is well over $1 trillion...

Chained CPI, a $1.00/pack tax on cigarettes, fees levied on banks, brokers, and utilities (which YOU will pay), another hike in capgains taxes and estate taxes, and the raids on IRA retirement funds make up the balance of the confiscations.

So now we have the two "icons"--Rubio* and Obozo--lying like Hell about their plans.

What a country!!

*See below post

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