Friday, April 19, 2013

Obama-Approved Serial Killers

There's simply no other way to say it:  Gosnell is a serial killer.

...The Philadelphia grand jury report, now amplified by trial testimony, outlined the systematic execution of hundreds of healthy, living, breathing, squirming viable babies. The panel concluded that the "vast majority of the babies he aborted" were more than 24 weeks old....

Obama, famous for voting "present" on most issues (just like today), was not so reticent on the matter of post-birth babykilling in Illinois.

And the son of a bitch "celebrates life" in Boston?


Anonymous said...

Your post is nearly as obscene as the doctor's operation. The reason that Gosnell could even operate is that legal and safe abortions are becoming less and less accessible to the poor due to people of your ilk.

You have more to blame for this than the president. His vote in Illinois had nothing to do with this or any other late term abortion. The bill was a gimmick to restrict legal abortions and was unnecessary in terms of protecting anyone since relevant rules were already in place.

The "son of a bitch" is you.

Al said...

The reason Gosnell could operate for as long as he did is because the Pennsylvania Department of Health let him get away with it. The National Abortion Federation inspected his place in 2009 &, according to the grand jury report, did not report the horrors they found.
The grand jury also found that the complaints go back to at least 1996 with Pennsylvania doing nothing despite those so called "relevant rules".
This is way before any of those laws for women's safety ever existed.
This is about a mass murderer who is showing the true face of the abortion industry. & it is about elected officials allowing him to do so for at least 15 years.

Anonymous said...

This is about a mass murderer who is showing the true face of the abortion industry.

That's a load of horse s**t.

Furthermore, there is no connection between the Illinois legislature and what's going on in PA, even though you try so hard to conflate the two.

Al said...

Gosnell was simply doing exactly what Obama refused to vote to ban when he was in the Illinois legislature. All the swearing & burying your head in the sand is NOT going to change the fact that what Gosnell did, Obama approved of.

Dad29 said...

Back off, Lefty trash.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:20 must think some murders are worse than all murders.

Anonymous said...

There are murders and there are not murders.