Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Big Gummint Sensenbrenner

Congressman Sensenbrenner found a Shiny Object so as to draw attention away from his vote for ObamaCare.

He finds that Obozo has taken away airport tower personnel from Republican districts.


Fortunately, we have moved from the Blast Zone near Crites Field in Waukesha, which will be denuded of controllers soon.  Wiggy, on the other hand.....

This will probably be the end of Waukesha County commerce.  GE and FiServ's corporate jets will undoubtedly stop flying immediately, because their pilots are incapable of using standard English to communicate with other pilots...........

.....oh, well, maybe not.

For a fellow who represents himself as a "conservative," Sensenbrenner certainly likes Big Gummint.

For another perspective on Sensenbrenner's Shiny Object, see this item.

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