Friday, April 12, 2013

Grade-School Agitprop

We've all heard the maxims from Marx/Lenin & Co. which are assiduously followed by Big Education:  "Stupidify 'em while they're young, and they'll vote Obama every time" (or variants thereof.)

Sure enough, the Union Grove School District is today's Shining Example of Marxism-in-School!!

A mother at a Wisconsin public school said her daughter’s eighth grade class was assigned a worksheet with some eyebrow-raising definitions for “conservatism” and “liberalism.”

Conservatism, it stated in part, believes in “preserving traditional moral values by restricting personal freedoms” while liberalism is for “equality and personal freedom for everyone.”

....The worksheet was a product of Sunburst Visual Media [a subsidiary of "Cerebellum Corporation".]

For those of you who are unconvinced of the effect of propaganda, consider the combox at this post.  Therein you will find the scrawlings of a semi-literate who has swallowed the gallon.

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