Friday, April 12, 2013

Another Law, Another Waste of Paper (With Implications) UPDATED!!

Passing laws is 'what they do.'  That's why--no matter how stupid the law--politicans pass laws.

After months of hysteria (look up the etymology) the on-paper "solution":

...It appears that private gun sales will require background checks – if the gun for sale is advertised online or in a publication....


There's also a "family member" exemption.

So as the Examiner's reporter reports: appears that a mother could buy a rifle for her son for his birthday – and although she would receive a background check to purchase the gun, her son would not be expected to get a background check to receive it as a gift.

Can you say "Sandy Hook"?

Unlike "lawmakers," I have no delusions.  This is useless legislation, but it will be abused by the Statist-in-Chief and his cabal (whether now or later) to expand the definition of 'prohibited persons.'

Recall that very few anti-Communists were sent to prison in Russia because they were actually criminals.  They were, instead, found to be 'in need of psychiatric treatment.'

UPDATE:  (It's worse than you could imagine) says that the Attorney General may not consolidate or centralize records of firearms acquisition and disposition maintained by licensed importers, manufacturers, and dealers, and by buyers and sellers at gun shows (and makes it a crime for him to do so).

But then, the STM bill takes those protections away by using the all-powerful word “notwithstanding”—”notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the Attorney General may implement this subsection with regulations.” The courts may construe the “notwithstanding” to allow Attorney General Eric Holder to issue regulations that could begin to create a federal registry of firearms, because the law says he can implement the subsection without regard to the protections against a registry elsewhere in the legislation....

--The Captain quoting Heritage analysis...

OK, RoJo.  Time for the filibuster to begin!!

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