Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Salvatorians' Dissembling Problem

When Bill Clinton was President, I learned the term "parse."  It proved useful.

Evidently, it's quite useful to--of all entities--the Salvatorian order, too.

..."...Rodrigues [the local chief Salvatorian] told the Journal Sentinel he did not know of any other allegations against Marsicek. On Tuesday, he defended that statement, noting that he had been careful to say the order did not have any other allegations 'from a victim.' In the Sacramento case, the allegations came to the order through the diocese."  --JS Online quoted at Provincial Emails

If you've paid attention, you'll know that one of the three most vicious child-rapists in Milwaukee was a Salvatorian priest operating from Mother of Good Counsel's rectory.

This "boundary issues" thing is a bit problematic.  A "hug" can be interpreted differently.

That said, there's a maxim worth knowing:  "pattern of practice."  Just so Fr. Rodrigues knows, that's a very specific legal term with which he should get acquainted, soon.

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