Friday, April 26, 2013

Napolitano's Troops Burning Ammo---Fast

Frau General Napolitano's domestic army is burning ammo rapidly.

...the department currently has more than 260 million rounds in stock. He said the department bought more than 103 million rounds in 2012 and used 116 million that same year — among roughly 70,000 agents.

Comparing that with the small-arms purchases procured by the U.S. Army, he said the DHS is churning through between 1,300 and 1,600 rounds per officer, while the U.S. Army goes through roughly 350 rounds per soldier.  --Fox News quoted at Bob Owens

That's a LOT of "training"

But there are other possibilities.

Either DHS is over-training and wasting taxpayer money on ammunition if they are shooting this much per agent, or they are lying about how much they are stockpiling, which would beg the question, why are they stockpiling so much ammunition.

An interesting question, indeed!


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