Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thanks, WISN and Jerry!!!

Thanks are owed to Jerry Bott and WISN for having cancelled Beck.

With Beck out of the way, one can listen to an actual Conservative--Levin--in mid-evening. He's far more entertaining (albeit louder) than Beck.

And the issues discussed are more substantial.


Tim Morrissey said...

There's a lot of that going on (Boeck-cancelling). Happened here in Madistan a few months ago when the otherwise all-lefty station Boeck was on, got tired of taking flack about the "inappropriateness" of Boeck's show on the station.

I'm pals with a guy who's prolly the #1 news-talk guru in the country (Holland Cooke) and he says Boeck has lost about a third of his radio affiliates in the past five months. In the bigger markets (50 and above) too many advertisers won't go near Boeck, fearing the loose-cannon syndrome will scatter grapeshot that'll hurt their business.

Unlike Rush, Boeck can't seem to reinvent himself and survive the attrition.

Dad29 said...

My problem with Beck/Boeck was the conspiracy/end-of-the-world orientation.

Some of his stuff was very good, indeed. The rest was apocalyptic, like WorldNetDaily. Catholics have a term for that: "dispensationalist." It's usually present alongside an overemphasis on the Israel situation.

Dan said...

Man, I thought Beck sounded like Mancow when I listened to him for the first time three weeks ago.
Levin is great. In Vegas, they switched him from 3-6 to 9-12PM and the radio station has suffered big time for the mistake.