Monday, April 25, 2011

FactCheck v. Obama: Obama...Ahhhh....Makes Stuff Up

The list is very long, indeed, and all it covers is Obama's lying about Ryan's budget proposal.

President Barack Obama misrepresented the House Republicans' budget plan at times and exaggerated its impact on U.S. residents during an April 13 speech on deficit reduction.

- Obama claimed the Republicans' "Path to Prosperity" plan would cause "up to 50 million Americans "¦ to lose their health insurance." But that worst-case figure is based in part on speculation and assumptions.

- He said the GOP plan would replace Medicare with "a voucher program that leaves seniors at the mercy of the insurance industry." That's an exaggeration. Nothing would change for those 55 and older. Those younger would get federal subsidies to buy private insurance from a Medicare exchange set up by the government.

- He said "poor children," "children with autism" and "kids with disabilities" would be left "to fend for themselves." That, too, is an exaggeration. The GOP says states would have "freedom and flexibility to tailor a Medicaid program that fits the needs of their unique populations." It doesn't bar states from covering those children.

- He repeated a deceptive talking point that the new health care law will reduce the deficit by $1 trillion. That's the Democrats' own estimate over a 20-year period. The Congressional Budget Office pegged the deficit savings at $210 billion over 10 years and warned that estimates beyond a decade are "more and more uncertain."

That's just a start on Obama's lying liar speech. Plenty more at the link.

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Billiam said...

When Ryan was on FOX News Sunday, he told Wallace that the Democrats would lie and demagogue his plan. He used those exact words. The current occupant joins Pelosi, Reid, et al, along with some rino's in attacking his plan. Why is anyone surprised? This country is toast. A house divided and all that.

Anonymous said...

Ryan predicted he'd be attacked over his lugubrious plan? Geez let's add "psychic" to his list of gifts.