Friday, April 29, 2011

More on "Drug Gang Guns"

Sylvia Longmire may not appreciate this post. Too bad.

...It's true that some stolen, illegally purchased and smuggled guns reach Mexico from the USA; but these appear to represent only about 10% of the guns that are recovered from criminals there. They're certainly not the main "combat" weapons of the narco-terrorists, who rely on full-auto assault rifles for their primary firepower (weapons which are heavily restricted in the USA, and aren't available for sale in most gunshops).

It's now becoming more clear where these full-auto assault rifles and other heavy weapons are coming from. Many are, indeed, being supplied from the USA . . . in the form of US military aid to Central American nations. Corrupt politicians and officials in those countries are passing these weapons to the drug cartels,...

Guatemala has been extremely generous to the Zetas, for example. Honduras is not far behind.

Ms. Longmire has been duped by the usual suspects--and, frankly, I wasn't aware of the Central American gun-leakage problem, either.

So she's at least partially right: the guns ARE coming from the US. They go from Colt Arms to corrupt armies, then to the drug-gangs.

And they are cheap--that is, free of charge.

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