Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rumsfeld's "Known and Unknown"

Rumsfeld's book is an interesting read; it tells one a great deal about Rumsfeld (not necessarily what he wants you to know) and even more about the Iraq/Afghan wars--much of which has been discussed, but not with the clarity he brings to the tale.

In the first several chapters, Rumsfeld does not quite claim that he instituted the seven sacraments. (Get the idea?) He's a fellow who is .....ahhhh.....very sure of himself and his instincts. It's not very hard to believe those who say that he's a 'micro-manager.'

For me, the most revealing narrative surrounded the 'bringing democracy' question. Rumsfeld makes it excruciatingly clear that the lust over 'democracy' in the Middle East came largely from Powell's State Department and was also pushed by Condi Rice. Rumsfeld also makes it clear that Bremer, the "czar" of Iraq, had an extraordinarily high opinion of his place in the world--and the Administration.

Rummy also makes it clear that the Administration's problem with communication was not limited to GWB's famous inability to speak English.

Worth reading; but be careful. Others who have encountered Rummy have warned that he's very happy to be self-serving--an opinion which is not dispelled by reading the book.

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