Friday, April 22, 2011

Genius Obama! Fed Auto Fleet Going Electric!

So. The taxpayer will over-pay for the damn things, and upkeep/recharging costs are going to be discouraging, too. However, there are some who are very happy with Obozo's plan.

Obama touted his administration’s beefed-up vehicle fuel-efficiency standards, as well as plans to put 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2015 and to switch the federal fleet to alternative vehicles.

“It turns out, as president, I’ve got a lot of cars in my fleet,” Obama said. “What we’ve said is, let’s make our fleet 100 percent alternative-fuel cars.”

One group of happy people: anyone trying to out-run a Federal LEO. The Volt simply stops running after 25 or 40 miles.



steveegg said...

Point of order - after 40 miles (far less in a cold climate), the Volt's gas engine kicks in, though you should still outdistance it as its total range is barely 300 miles.

If memory serves, the Presidential fleet (i.e. the limos and Suburbans in the motorcade) is exempt from the golf-cart requirement from that requirement.

"Transportation for me but not for thee."

Anonymous said...

If I was not capable of independent thought I would agree with this new Obamapolicy...

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, they are going to buy the volts that GE promised to buy from GM...........
Whata a deal!!!!

Hey Taxpayer BOHICA!