Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh, Really? Fake Hospital Caller ID?

Long story short, a number of people who signed "Recall Hansen" petitions in the Green Bay area then got phone calls from an outfit asking them if they actually signed such a petition.

The caller-ID for those calls said "Aurora BayCare Medical Center."

Well. Aurora said that their hospital had nothing to do with it.

Then we get this:

...the automated called were placed by Meyer Teleservices, a St. Cloud, Minn.-based telemarketing firm

“During the initial scope of our calling on the evening of April 25th it was brought to our attention that there were discrepancies with the caller ID information being provided from our site, Nick Gerten, Meyer’s chief executive officer said in the statement. “We immediately took steps to rectify the situation and had the issue resolved...."

Which raises another question: how did Meyer Teleservices of St Cloud, MN. obtain and utilize a caller ID from Aurora Hospital?

Is that not FRAUD? Or was there some co-operation here, which would mean conspiracy?

Can anyone get and use the Caller ID from the White House? The M&I Bank?

What's going on here?

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Anonymous said...

All sorts of call systems allow you to pass call source information. The likely explanation is that the outfit had done business with Aurora previously.