Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The "Woopsie!!" Potential in the Volt's Batteries


Lithium-ion batteries contain chemicals that, if allowed to combine through even a pinhole, have the distressing tendency to violently burst into flame. A quick visit to Google will provide a great many articles and entertaining videos of lithium-ion battery fires and explosions(!). In addition, to develop enough power to propel the Volt, its battery contains substantial electrical power, more than enough to seriously injure or kill unwary paramedics or mechanics who do not have the knowledge and proper safety equipment and tools to deal with a wounded Volt.

That should be interesting.

HT: ConYankee


Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Lithium Polymer is the way to go!

John Foust said...

Whew! Why can't we stick to good, safe knowns like gasoline vapor?

Jim said...

Yeah, I'm thinking gasoline has a habit of blowing up which could seriously injure or kill people too. I'm thinking paramedics and mechanics will be taught about new technologies.

John Foust said...

No! We can't trust science and engineering to improve new technologies! We must stick with the gasoline, especially if we can take an opportunity to ridicule a new technology!