Friday, June 03, 2005

To Conceal, or...

A few years ago when the Wisconsin Supremes handed down their decision allowing concealed carry in cases where there was 'a security interest,' and in which decision the Supremes severly castigated the Legislature and Governor for failing to make Wisconsin statutes conform with the Wisconsin Constitution (the amendment which states that one may carry a weapon 'for any lawful purpose..') the fun began.

Since Wisconsin's particulary obnoxious, obtuse, and doctrinaire Governor, Three-Card-Monte Doyle, vetoed an all-too-reasonable Concealed Carry law, we have predicted that there will be difficulty among LEO's, DA's and Courts about how to charge and/or prosecute cases of concealed carry.

Sho' comes the Judge(s), again:

Three-Card-Monte is forcing the Courts to decide the liceity of concealed carry ONE CASE AT A TIME--which allows for the possibility that concealed will be allowed: 1) without any licensing or qualification at all; and 2) in far more places and circumstances than last year's CCW legislation would have permitted.

That's fine with me--and our mulish Three-Card-Monte has apparently given us a gift.

One more thing: this is precisely the scenario that I presented to a number of friends after the decision was handed down and the Gov vetoed the CCW legislation. (A-Hem, Cough Cough.)

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