Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Gasoline Inflation

Gasoline costs a lot these days--and more in Wisconsin than in other States (try Indiana for contrast.)

Back in April, the Wisconsin gasoline tax increased, again. That increase was accomplished automatically--not ONE of our legislators voted to increase the tax (nor decrease it, for that matter.) I choose to view this as a flat-out evasion of responsiblity by the Legislature. There is NO other explanation.

After a bit of email correspondence, I found that my State Senator (Kanavas) is working on legislation which would force our representatives to actually VOTE on tax matters. My State Representative, on the other hand, believes that the current system is just fine.

We'll keep you posted on the progress of Kanavas' proposal. If he succeeds there, perhaps MMSD's taxation-without-representation scheme will be next on the radar screen.

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