Friday, June 24, 2005

ID's--98% or Less?

From Bruce Murphy's column:

But will such legislation requiring all voters to have a photo ID disenfranchise some people? The ETI research shows an incredible 30 percent of residents in Milwaukee County lack a valid driver’s license, including 47 percent of African-American males. Statewide, 23 percent of senior citizens, or more than 177,000 people, lack a valid driver’s license or photo ID. That’s an awful lot of people who won’t be allowed to vote, unless they chose to stand in the endless lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles office for their free ID. (


According to DOT, about 98 percent of Wisconsin's adult population have driver's licenses or a picture identification card issued by DOT. (

Frank Busalacchi, Call Your Office!!

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Anonymous said...

Hope they don't want to buy any cold tablets, as Doyle does see the need for requiring a Photo ID to buy cold tablets