Thursday, June 16, 2005

Marquette High in the Wilderness

Earlier (see the archives) I had opined that Marquette High School has wandered from the course of Catholicism. I had reached that conclusion by a simple expedient; I made it a point to inquire about the high-school's Masses, and was reliably informed that they deviated from the norms laid out in the Instructio Generalis--the 'roadmap' of how to celebrate Mass.

It is becoming a Truism that if the priest does not (or WILL not) celebrate the Mass according to the norms of the Church, that one will find all sorts of OTHER problems in the [parish] or, in this case, the High School. My earlier blog entry referred to the current controversy--some students wish to have a "Gay Pride" homeroom.

So I was not real surprised to read the following:

[Daniel] DeVougas [a Protestant and recent graduate] said he does not take communion or participate in other rites of the Catholic Church. But he has given readings from the Bible during liturgies and participated in annual Catholic retreats. Muslim students also have read from the Qur'an at Marquette High liturgies. ... (

Frankly, I don't care under what pretext the Jesuits hold that 'reading from the [Koran]' is licit during Mass. It ain't. Period. No way, no how.

(Hat Tip to Terry of the Federalists)


Anonymous said...

What year did you graduate, D29?

I'm DSHA95, and I can easily imagine similar silliness going on there.


Dad29 said...

1967, just after Sex Drugs and Rock'n'Roll became au courant...

AMDG to you too..

By the way, my kid sister is a member of the LAST Holy Angels graduating class--1970 (?)