Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Janet Reno Contradicting Janet Reno

Janet Reno says in Florida that "I have trouble with a war that has no endgame and I have trouble with a war that generates so many concerns about individual liberties." Notice she doesn't say that the war has violated individual liberties, or that she believes that, but merely that there are "so many concerns" about it. Uh-huh, Jan--like Elian Gonzales?

The Richmond Times-Dispatch also reports that "the former U.S. attorney general said she thinks the government would be hard-pressed to find a legal basis to prosecute many of the Taliban and al-Qaida prisoners being detained at Guantanamo Bay." We all know Jan (Flamethrower) Reno's solution for this little problem...

---James Taranto---

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Quite agreed.