Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sen. Grassley v. the Hospitals

The American Spectator reports that Senator Chuck Grassley (R, Iowa) has "requested" a good deal of information from non-profit hospitals around the country, which came as a complete surprise to the hospitals, which had been negotiating with Grassley's committee.

Perhaps it's only a co-incidence (yeah, right...) that Senator Lott's brother-in-law, Dickie Scruggs, has begun a national campaign of class-action lawsuits against non-profit hospitals. At least some of the information "requested" by Grassley will be useful to Scruggs.

Of course, should Scruggs & Co. (locally, Techmeier) WIN their lawsuit(s), the non-profits will not only have paid their own attorneys to defend the suits--they will also pay Dickie Scruggs a bunch of money, too.

Suppose hospital rates will rise to accomodate the additional costs??

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