Monday, June 13, 2005

Patriot Games, Round II

David Keene, Bob Barr, Larry Craig--all well-known conservatives--have joined to promote legislation (submitted by Craig) to amend certain Patriot Act proposals made by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Specifically, the modifications would be to: 1) shorten the notification timeline for subjects of "sneak-and-peek" searches; 2) continue judicial approval of "administrative" decisions to sneak/peek; and 3) modify certain provisions of the "roving wiretap" proposal.

Note that the Senate Intel Committee's proposals are NEW--not part of the original PATRIOT Act.

Keene, the head of the ACU, observed that it is a [bad] habit of Governments to infringe on personal rights during time of recalls with distaste Abraham Lincoln's and FDR's egregious violations of the Constitution as examples.

Thinking conservatives must always recall that rights conceded to the Government during unusual times are often conceded forever. This means that the next Administration and its political appointees will enjoy the same powers as does the current Administration.

It's worth a call to your Congressman.

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