Thursday, June 16, 2005

Lying With Numbers (Doyle's Game)

OK, which is it?

"Doyle's spokeswoman, Melanie Fonder, said Monday that
the study was evidence the proposal unfairly targets bastions of Democratic
voters. Among black males between ages 18 and 24, 78% lacked a driver's license,
the largest percentage of any demographic in the study. Other groups in which a
majority lacked a driver's license were black males of any age (55% lack a
license); Hispanic women of any age (59%); and black women, Hispanic men and
Hispanic women between ages 18 and 24 (all between 57% and 66%). "Those groups
typically have strong Democratic turnout," Fonder said, "and that's who the
Republicans have targeted with that proposal." By contrast, only 17% of white
men and white women of voting age in Wisconsin lack a driver's license."

Or do you prefer to believe DOT?

State law requires that courts use random lists provided by DOT to find jurors. According to DOT, about 98 percent of Wisconsin's adult population have driver's licenses or a picture identification card issued by DOT.

(Hat Tip to RichocheT of FreeRepublic)

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