Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Why Trump? Republican Enablers, That's Why

We're still #NeverTrump here.  But ya'know, there's a long list of transgressions which have fueled the Trumpkins.

  • Fast and furious: ATF perpetrates a fraud to get people killed and pin the blame on Americans.
  • Obamacare: obviously unconstitutional with its individual mandate, and wrecks the healthcare system
  • Massive bailouts and spending initiatives from a drunken, insolvent government
  • EPA out of control, DOE sadly in control
  • The Feds going to some trouble and expense to make government shutdowns exceptionally painful for Americans
  • Bungled, interminable wars
  • The Benghazi debacle and coverup
  • The Secretary of State conducting illegal business on an illegal email server, greatly to the benefit of a hostile foreign power
  • The creeping normalization of NSA snooping on Americans not involved in any official investigation
  • The OPM hack: A strategic defeat both devastating and historically unique. Agents of a hostile foreign power were put in charge of securing our most sensitive information, with predictable results.
  • The VA scandal: veterans dying while bureaucrats falsify records and collect bonuses
  • The transmutation of our institutions of learning into hotbeds of mental illness and hysteria
  • A general “can’t do” attitude as regards securing our border with Mexico
  • The President, in negotiation with Iran over nuclear weapons, actively and energetically represents Iranian interests, without trying to win even the most marginal concessions for America.
Cadged from Cold Fury

Yes, Speaker Ryan, you enabled this crap (and a lot more), just as did your cohort in the Senate.  So man up, take responsibility, and shut off the purse.

Or watch, ninny-nannying, as the country goes down the porcelain tube. 


Dale Day said...

And this means you want to see Shrillary the next president.

Good going.

Dad29 said...

Dale you are obviously another PublikScrewels 'logic' graduate.