Sunday, May 29, 2016

Can We Afford the Regulators--and the (R) Congress?

These stats are shockers.

Total spending on federal regulatory activity has jumped almost 18% in real terms since Obama took office, reaching $56 billion this year. That outpaced overall economic growth, which has climbed a total of 13% since 2008.

Over those same years, the number of jobs at these regulatory agencies climbed by 11.8% — to almost 280,000 workers — while the number of private sector jobs has growth by 8.5%.
To put these numbers in perspective: If GDP had grown as fast as the federal regulatory budget, the economy would be $696 billion bigger today. If private sector employment had kept pace with the growth in regulatory jobs, there would be 3.7 million more people at work.  quoted at ColdFury

Wasn't Paul Ryan the Chairman of Budget during the last few years?  It would appear that Nancy Pelosi occupied that position.

Didn't Ron Johnson tell us that he's going to cut Big Gummint?

This is all so confusing.

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