Sunday, May 01, 2016

The Donald, Summed Up

Can't add anything to this summary:

...He gets his foreign policy ideas from Michael Moore and Code Pink (or worse yet, from Vladimir Putin); his abortion views are grounded in his sympathy with Planned Parenthood; he supports socialized medicine in the form of single-payer healthcare, higher taxes, more government spending, and Herbert Hoover’s trade policy.  He’s never met a bailout or a crony-capitalist deal he didn’t like, or a Democrat he wouldn’t donate to.  He’s astonishingly ignorant, emotionally unstable, and wholly incapable of saying no to Democrats.  Trump is a spoiled, entitled rich kid who shows not the slightest understanding of the American way of up-by-the booststraps striving to better yourself; in Trump’s world, the rich get richer by having the right friends, and everybody else is a serf who needs the government to protect them from foreign competition....

Why #NeverTrump is the only position to hold.

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