Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ten Large Lies About the Catholic Church

A non-Catholic sociologist has written a book which debunks 10 Large Lies about the Catholic Church.  It makes for interesting reading.  An essay remarking on the lies appeared today at PJMedia.

In the essay, the usual lies and myths about the Inquisition, "Hitler's Pope" (which was actually a creation of Joseph Stalin's "disinformation" apparatchiks), the Crusades, the "secret gospels", the 'massacres of pagans,' the (not-at-all) "Dark Ages," the Church's significant and positive influence on science, her opposition to slavery, her very cautious outlook on "kings," and her nurturing of free markets are all taken apart.

We don't expect that any amount of scholarship will stop the assaults on the Church, of course.  We don't expect that the MSM will even note the existence of this book.  And even if this book proves 100% effective, someone will come up with more half-truths or lies.

But thinking people will know better.

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