Thursday, May 05, 2016

Forecasting Trump. Really?

Scott Walker (and many, many others) are going Vichy.  The most common excuse is voiced here:

...Walker said Trump would be superior to Clinton on Supreme Court nominations, taxes, regulation and the size of government.....

Really?  And how do you know this, Gov'nor?

What we DO know, pertinent to "size of government," is what Trump said:  that the main functions of the Federal Government are "security, housing, education, and healthcare."

That pretty much KO's 'regulation' and 'size of government' chatter, no?

We also know that Trump's knowledge of the Constitution appears to have been formed by watching Disney movies; it certainly doesn't come from having actually read the document.  Therefore, it is whistling past a graveyard to presume that The Donald will make a "good" appointment to SCOTUS.  For all we know, it could be someone picked from the cast of "Survivor."

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