Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Scott Fitzgerald Pees His Pants

Sen. Fitzgerald of Jefferson (who is as ambitious as Cassius) has commanded (R) voters to vote for Trump.

The funny part?  Fitzgerald noted that Trump is a 'populist'.

Well, Senator, if the (R) Party poohbahs--such as yourself--failed to discern the populism which began with the TEA Party rally IN MADISON (you idiot), why in Hell should anyone follow your pathetic whining pleadings now?

Further:  Fitzgerald states that "Republicans" made Trump the nominee.  He's wrong.  Trump voters are Democrat Party members who--for some reason--dislike the TraitorQueen and the gadfly.  Or--as is more likely--they are as racist and misogynist and un-informed as is Trump.

Or both.

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