Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The SJW "Artist" of the Milwaukee Art Museum's New Acq

Milwaukee Art Museum has a new acquisition (see below post and link).

You'll note that the museum did not spend any money to get it.  (That's a pretty good appraisal of the piece's worth right there.) 

As to the troubled SJW artist-ette, today's AOSHQ has a description:

...I remember one game was called "Uproar," and it was the game played between fathers and midteen daughters. The father lays down a forbiddance (usually about boys, dress, staying out late/overnight, etc.), and the daughter reacts by stomping off to her room, slamming her door shut, and shouting something terrible.

The point of Uproar is to express something by ritualized display that can't easily be expressed in words, or which would be too embarrassing to express in words.

This woman, like so many other feminists, seem to be frozen in this particular phase of development and can't get over how righteously empowered they felt in defying their father, and yet, at the same time, how protectively cared for by that dominant male figure, that even in much later years, they are still playing the Uproar game -- or trying to, leastaways -- by casting each and every man who strays across their bubble-gum pink transoms in the role of Overprotective (But Snuggly-Armed) Dad Who Must Be Rebelled Against To Let Him Know I Am Now a Woman-Grown Just Like Mommy....

The analogy fits very well.  In less words, she's a perma-pout high-school sophomore in a big girl's body.

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