Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Concrete Spend-a-Holics, Part Two

Earlier, we gave kudos to Owen, whose research on the RoadBuilders machine is enlightening.

He did it again!

Wisconsin spends almost $65k more per mile than the average. Why?

Hint:  lotsa sloshing dollars.  But even more basic:

...Wisconsin spends below the average for maintenance – $17,816 per mile as compared to a weighted average of $26,079 per mile. But Wisconsin spends 50% more than the weighted average on administrative costs per mile ($15,709 compared to $10,579) and 42% more for new roads and bridges ($122,272 as compared to $86,153).

Anyone with common sense--which apparently excludes Wisconsin DOT and their leggie enablers--knows that if you buy a new car, you CHANGE THE OIL every so often, or your new car will go *boom*.  We can also infer that "administration" does not preserve roads, nor does it do a good job of "building" them in the first damn place.

...if Wisconsin spent the same amount on roads per mile as Iowa – a state with similar weather and economic needs – Wisconsin would spend $1,098,967,932 less PER YEAR for the same amount of infrastructure...

A billion here, a billion there--pretty soon that adds up to real money--which is being taken from YOUR pocket.

Maybe it's time to start primary-ing a few Republicans here, eh?

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Anonymous said...

It's simple - maintenance doesn't pay off in the campaign coffers nearly as well as building 4-lane bypasses of every UpNorth town.