Thursday, June 25, 2015

Culling the Herd of (R) Candidates

This author is correct.  Next week, SCOTUS will declare that Queer "Marriage" is a mandate of the Constitution.

...For it is direct confrontation that draws clear lines, as opposed to the faint distinctions without a difference we often prefer in our convenience-driven cowardice. As Winston Churchill once said, “I have every confidence the Americans will do the right thing—right after they finish exhausting all their other options.”

All of our other options of faux coexistence and kicking the can down the road are over. The age of feigned tolerance is at an end and – behold! – the age of forced compliance is now at hand....

...If you are one of those folks who are concerned there are too many GOP presidential candidates to choose from right now, the Supreme Court is here to help cull the herd. By this time next week a bunch of fake Christian leaders, fake conservative leaders, and fake libertarians are going to be outed by the U.S. Supreme Court once and for all. All their fig leaves – as in the excuses many of us chose to believe rather than admitting these people were frauds all along – will be instantly removed, and their shameful nakedness exposed to true patriots everywhere....


Scott Walker, as you recall, punted on the question, saying that 'it's up to the courts.'  Think he'll have the balls to openly and loudly campaign against the ruling if it goes as expected?

Bets taken at this window.

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