Tuesday, June 09, 2015

"Free Trade" a (R) Party Principle, Eh?

Paul Ryan is busy trading Wales for his Ways-and-Means job.

Or rather, he's trading US industry (and its workers) for it.

Ryan says [ ] "We believe in free trade. That is one of our party's primary principles."

Perhaps he's right; but thinking people (i.e., Conservatives) would much prefer FAIR trade.  There's a difference.

FAIR trade implies that the other guys have stringent environmental, labor, and tax laws like the USA.  FAIR trade implies that the other guys provide health and pension benefits, enforce patents and copyrights, and--by the way--have reasonably decent humanitarian systems.

FREE trade, Paul, means the other guys can initiate a race to the bottom for their workers about whom they really don't give a damn anyway.  See the ChiComs.

So that's an (R) principle, Paul?  And you tell us that Obama is a curse on the nation?

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