Wednesday, June 10, 2015

State's Statist Teen-Girl Pouting

No question that Obozo is really a pouter.  Fits his girly-girl persona to a "T".

That teenaged-girl poutiness extends to his State Department, too.  But this little bitch-slapping thing turned very serious, indeed.

The Obama administration’s latest anti-gun salvo isn’t about reducing gun violence or stopping the export of dangerous weapons, it’s about pure retaliation against a non-profit that sued the government in federal court last month.

It's Defense Distributed, the guys with the 3-D print goodies for gunners. May of 2013, Defense Distributed received a letter from the State Department alleging that the group was illegally exporting technical data. The federal government then demanded, in contravention of long-standing policy dating back to 1984, that Defense Distributed submit its proposed speech to the federal government for pre-approval...

D.D. sued, using Alan Gura (!!)  State sat on the suit.

...On June 3, just four weeks after Defense Distributed filed its complaint in federal court, the State Department suddenly decided to propose a new rule giving it the authority to pre-approve speech related to publicly available firearm plans. The State Department’s play here is obvious: it hopes to promulgate a new rule making its previous anti-speech efforts superficially legal in order to short-circuit Defense Distributed’s court case. If that were to happen, the non-profit would then have to file a new and separate suit alleging the unconstitutionality of the new rule....

Actually, this is a lot bigger than a teenaged chick-fight.

...the administration proposes to change the definition of “technical data” in such a way that mere public discussion of technical gun data–virtually identical to what you can find on any gun-owner forum on the Internet–will be treated as a violation of federal weapons export laws. Second, the administration proposes to treat software itself as a “defense article,” a move that would put open source computer code in the same category as nuclear warheads and intercontinental ballistic missiles....

So much for trading reloading tips online.

And there's more!!

...the federal government informs us that information can only be considered in the “public domain” if the federal government, via unelected State Department bureaucrats, has issued a prior ruling declaring the information to be in the public domain. In other words, even if speech is obviously in the public domain, it doesn’t count as being in the public domain unless the federal government says so.

This is the Obozo State Department which is negotiating a new trade-treaty--and Paul Ryan is pushing for  fast-track to grease the skids.

Really, Paul??

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