Friday, June 12, 2015

Charlie Sykes' Very Bad Morning

So this morning Charlie hosted a couple of folks who discussed ObozoTrade.  One of them was Kevin Binversie--who used to be a local kinda guy, but whose last paid gig was with the Chamber of Commerce in D.C.

Think that anyone mentioned that bit of biography before Kevin launched into his "All Praise to Trade!!' speech?


Charlie was also in fine form, praising "Free Trade" and claiming that Real Conservatives believe in that as much as they believe in the law of gravity.

Not so fast, Charlie.

The Conservative position on trade is very simple:  sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.  Put another way, that's called "FAIR trade."  We've seen the effects of "Free Trade"--there's NAFTA, which shredded US manufacturing in favor of Mexico; and there's MFN status for the ChiComs, which obliterated the textile and computer-manufacturing industries in the US.

The winners did not include US workers.

And, of course, the panelists glossed over the most important factor in the whole TPA/TPP (etc.) debate:  Obozo himself, who has--throughout his entire regime--done all in his power to re-make the US, or, as he put it, to "fundamentally transform" the county.

He's done a fine job of that, alright.  What eluded the grasp of Kruschev, Andropov, and Mao has been set in motion by Obozo and his cabal.  And if he needs to co-opt the Chamber of Commerce, it's only fitting, for as Kruschev said, "You will sell us the rope with which we will hang you!"

Yes, we will.

Oh, by the way, Charlie:

Charlie, what I don't get is this:  if Free Trade is really all that good for US workers, how come we have to have Trade Adjustment Assistance spending for all the displaced US workers?  I mean, Charlie, the way you and Kevin Chamber-of-Commerce describe it, US workers will be in economic heaven the minute this passes.

Go ahead.  Answer that, Charlie!

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