Friday, June 19, 2015

Brian Fraley, Fabulist

It's the season of fabulism.  Bruce Jenner says he's a woman.  A white woman in Washington State says she's a black. 

And Brian Fraley says an Article V convention will "jeopardize our First and Second Amendment rights as well as all othe[r rights] enshrined in the Constitution."

That's really going to help Dorow, Brian.


Fraley said...


How is that statement a lie? There is no certainty that a con con will or even can be limited. There is a reason the States have not agreed to one. Rep. Kapenga's co-leader in his group admits it is his desire is to overturn Citizens United. I like the First Amendment as it is and has been interpreted, thank you very much. I don't need a convention of people who think they are smarter than the founders working to reframe the nation.

I understand people of good intentions can disagree on this issue, and that conservatives and liberals are on both sides of this issue.

But please, don't call me a liar, when there is no evidence to back up your claim.

Dad29 said...

Actually, Brian, an A-5 convention CAN be limited to particular matters, as you know, and there are a few States which HAVE agreed to such a convention, with limiting stipulations. An A-5 is NOT a "ConCon", Brian. You know that, don't you?

You see, whether Citizens was properly decided or not, there are many other SCOTUS decisions which are, frankly, crap, Roe being one--and another will likely follow this week or next.

By the way, the Founders were bright guys, but they are not the only bright guys ever born in this country. We all know about statistics. We also have reason to believe that the loudest objections to an A-5 convention are voiced by the termites inhabiting D.C. because they're quire comfy with things as they are. But then, so was King George.

So. A little more clarity in phrasing is always helpful! That way, if we disagree, we can be very specific about the disagreement. I don't think you are a liar--but we can all agree to be more careful with the language.

Dad29 said...

One more thing, Brian: the Founders were very smart men, as you stated. They were smart enough to include Article V in the Constitution.

Fraley said...

Fair enough. And as I said, people of good will can disagree. Oh, and the founders got a lot wrong, just ask any woman or person of color you know! But I still have more faith in them than an Article V convention in the age of George Soros and Obama's community organizers.

My main objection was the Fabulist header. I'm a lot of things. Been called a lot of things. Many of them accurate! I know I'm not always going to win every argument, but I won't stoop to lying in any attempt to do so. Being called a Fabulist stuck in my craw.

Dad29 said...

Well, then, Brian, you should look up the definition of the term.

The FIRST one given is 'one who invents fables.' Not the same as "liar," (which is the second meaning.)

I wouldn't call Grimm a liar, and that's not what I called you, either.

And maybe there are people who are just as smart as the Founders who can put a halt to the Leviathan.