Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Have a Pal in Gummint? Say Hello to the ChiComs!

25 years ago, I was a reference for a fellow who obtained a high-level security clearance from the Feds.

In all likelihood, the ChiComs now have my name and (former) address and phone number.

I also have a few friends who were (and are) Gummint employees with clearances.  The ChiComs have their addresses, too.

Nothing like the Federal Gummint to make your day, eh?

...Perhaps the biggest issue of all is that the government had centralized the collection of that data into a single web-based system, e-QIP, which means that all this data was collected in one place.

I would bet money that each of these decisions came down to someone saying: “Oh, that’s too hard,” “Hiring offshore workers is cheaper,” “That’s too inconvenient.”

At each of those steps, some security was lost because someone decided it was easier to relax the requirements than to get the more expensive and annoying solution. And while the inspector general was calling out the hazards, no one was willing to rock the boat....

This is The Gummint which "defends the shores."

Buy.  More.  Ammo.

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