Friday, April 03, 2015

Cruz: It's a War on the Catholic Church

Ted Cruz jumped into 2nd place in the polls for a reason:  he gets it--and it's not just the Middle East anymore.

"This is today a war on the Catholic Church. This is today a war on believers of any faith whose religious teachings are not entirely in concert with the rigid dogma of the far left. 

Just last year, every single Senate Democrat voted in favor of legislation that would have gutted the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

It was a sad day in the United States Senate, and ... I gave a speech ... standing alongside a picture of John F. Kennedy who said 'if a man will not stand for religious liberty, I will not stand with you.'

Given what we've seen of late in the Middle East, tell me:  what's the difference between the Obozo/Holder Democrats and ISIS--other than the choice of weapons?


Anonymous said...

Not-so-minor quibble - The lawfare against the various Catholic dioces (mostly because some of the priests did what the SJWs want to force everybody to partake in) is warfare against the Catholic church. This is warfare against Christianity.

William said...

Well, ISIS isn't getting an obvious assist from the majority of Republicans like Obozo is.

Dad29 said...

Steve, that's not the lawfare discussed in the essay.

Obozo & Co. have attacked the Church with ObozoCare's requirements. Yes, there is a generalized anti-Christian Obozo policy, too--but it ain't warfare. Yet.