Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Where Was Abp. Dolan in 2010?

We refer you to a story from 2010.

Note well:  Abp Tim Dolan was not quoted in the story.  The Milwaukee "newspaper" didn't even run the story.  There was no Sykes radio appearance from the Archbishop of Milwaukee.  There was no television appearance from the Archbishop of Milwaukee.

In other words, Abp. Tim Dolan took a pass on the direct precursor to the Obozo mandate.

Now that Archbishop--in New York City--is aghast.



Anonymous said...

Archbishop Dolan was in New York. He was installed in April 2009.

neomom said...

Yes, they should have stood up sooner. But they are standing now. Same with the Protestants. They are late to the party, but are here now. I just hope they stay this time.

Anonymous said...

Oooops, Dolan wasn't in Milwacky when in 2010?

This big obsession over what women do with their own bodies is unbecoming of Catholic men.