Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another "House Bigot" in Obozo's Gang

Seems that Obama has gathered every pro-death bigot-bozo into his circle.

John P. Holdren, the top science adviser to President Barack Obama, wrote in a book he co-authored with population control advocates Paul and Anne Ehrlich that children from larger families have lower IQs.

The book—"Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions"—argued that the United States government had a “responsibility to halt the growth of the American population.

That is so profoundly wrong, on so many levels, that it is near-impossible to address it.

We could start with this, however:  "So what (if they have 'lower' IQ's?"

There is a reason that the term "average" exists, Mr. Holdren.

Social Security's going broke and an alleged 'innerlekshul' proposes that less people should pay the bill?

Holdren proves that bigots are really, really, really stupid.


jimspice said...

I'm youngest of 8.

neomom said...

I am number 6 of 7

Holdren, Erlich and all the eugenics population-bombers are idiots.

Anonymous said...

Let's get some perspective here, shall we? Yes, while Holden's views are radical, the book he helped to write was authored in 1973, and as the article stated, the premise has been debunked. Of course, Dad29 helps to perpetuate the notion that the materials written was a RECENT phenomenon.

Moreover, the article does state that "Holdren said he no longer believed determining optimal population was the proper role of government. However, he did say that appropriate government policies would have the result of decreasing family sizes."

So to advocate unequivocally that he is "pro-death" is hyperbole. A eugenicist? MAYBE, but even that could be a stretch.

Besides, CONGRESS would have to put into place his plans, and I do not see that happening anytime soon.

Finally, I only thought libruls pulled out the "bigot" card. Guess not...

Amy said...

Doesn't matter. Anyone who writes about "halving" the human population has a screw loose. And that's being charitable.

neomom said...

Obama doesn't need Congress to do his bidding. He has his czars and executive orders, and recess appointments when Congress isn't in recess.

Where is everybody who said GWB was the imperial President?

Anonymous said...

"Anyone who writes about "halving" the human population has a screw loose."

Yeah, the "screw" was loose all right...

Anonymous said...

Yes, with Roe v. Wade and the destruction of 54 million American children; Holden doesn't have to advocate population control anymore. The genocide of abortion which is carried out in mostly minority neighborhoods is one of Holdren's dreams.

I just don't get the liberals' infatuation of infanticide and the destruction of innocent life. These same idiots would do anything for baby seals or whales.

I think Holdren has the lower I.Q.