Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Perverted "Theology" of the Media

In sum, the Boob Schieffers of the MFM actually do worship a god:  the State.

Here’s the primary belief animating Big Media theology: nothing happens unless the federal government does it.  Pre-natal care only happens if the taxpayers finance it, or insurance companies are mandated to perform it for “free.”  Kids will only receive an education if Jimmy Carter’s Department of Education and the teachers’ unions provide it.  The Earth will only receive proper stewardship if Big Government – centralized even beyond Washington, D.C. – compels it.

Organized religion is acceptable to the media only when it reinforces these goals, or at least refuses to challenge them.  That’s why the same people who are working hard to build a narrative that Santorum is unfit for high office because he’s a harbinger of incipient theocracy have absolutely no problem with Barack Obama using religion to justify redistributionist liberalism.  In fact, they grow very angry when they think a liberal’s religious sincerity is challenged, even obliquely.  The only thing that enrages them nearly as much is a conservative whose religious sincerity is apparent.  It’s all about showing the appropriate degree of deference to the proper Ultimate Authority.

Even Thomas Jefferson--a Deist who had no love whatever for organized religion--would not have swallowed that line of crap.

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Anonymous said...

Jefferson no doubt would have been a Fox news viewer.

You, unlike him, have proven time and again how you swallow these lines of crap....time after time after...