Sunday, February 05, 2012

The FBI: Liars

Just in case you are still naive enough to think that the FBI boyzzz are all just like Elliot Ness, here's a bit of real-live evidence that the FBI lies.  A lot.

...Dozens of pyrotechnic devices were found in the rubble, and most significantly, several were found at the points of origin of the fires started that day inside the building.The evidence we found that day in the Texas Ranger evidence locker eventually showed that there were not only multiple types of pyrotechnic devices, there were in some cases, dozens of them used against the folks inside Mt Carmel that day. And it seems that our friendly local military commander, General Wesley Clarke, at Ft. Hood, Texas, had been kind enough to supply the FBI HRT with 200 rounds of 40mm HE, (High Explosive) fragmentation grenades and two 40mm, Mark 19 automatic grenade launchers. All of which the FBI had consistently denied was in their possession , much less “used” by them against the Davidians…but FBI/US Army documents and photos don’t lie

That was the Clinton Administration's FBI, as you recall.  But that probably doesn't make much of a difference.

So the next time you hear that "this surveillance technique is only used against terror suspects," you know that it likely came from the mouth of a liar--or someone who works shoulder-to-shoulder with liars.

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neomom said...

You know, I had always wanted to give the benefit of the doubt on this one, even with niggling doubts. But the pics of the hole blasted through that roof and the children body parts...

Sure, by all means let us continue to believe that concentrating more and more power into a central government will be good for our liberty.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the entire FBI, CIA, and military continually works to infringe upon the rights of Americans. All liars! /sarcasm

The Branch Davidians reaped what they sowed!